King Aero Aviation, Inc.
Our Shop  Rate is $68.00 per hour. Annuals are either done on a fixed rate based on your aircraft type or by the hour for owner assisted annuals.

Projects are charged @ $58.00 per hour, but the price is based on the number of hours. The longer the project, the less the hourly rate. Rates go as low as $35.00 per hour over 300 hours which is close to the average time for a recover on a J3 or a 7AC.

On projects, we ask for the materials cost up front and one months projected billing. Once work is started, labor is then billed either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on our arrangement with the client.

Painting and Detailing is $50.00 per hour.

The Way We Work

Flight school aircraft have priority,


Aircraft in for annual inspection & service


Aircraft projects


Our Shop Rates are based on this arrangement. When all other work has been exhausted, then projects are worked on. That is why there is a large hourly discount for project work.


All work is to be paid for when service is rendered and the aircraft delivered. Parts may be requested to be paid for up front. We do not extend billing past the invoice date.


This is the only way we can keep our low rates.

Please note that we are NOT a paint shop but we do painting as part of our repair and restoration work. If you are looking to have your aircraft repainted we would suggest Flying Colors Aviation located in Benton Harbor, Mi. Ken does good work at a fair price.
King Aero offers a wide range of services for the aviation community

Annuals and Condition Inspections are a necessary part of aviation and we provide the service including owner assisted annuals. We work closely with each aircraft owner and allow as much or as little assistance as required.

AD and Service Bulletin inspection & compliance.

Accident and incident repair service for most aircraft. Sheet metal repairs, woodworking including spar repairs and welding.

Restoration services for all steel tube and fabric aircraft. Aircraft from the 1920's to 1950's feel right at home in our shop. We also do control surfaces for WWII aircraft like Boeing B-17's, Corsair's and others. Our spray booth is 12' X 12' by 34' so whatever will fit we can spray.

We offer Recovering services using Air-Tech Coatings for the wet look and a finish that will last for many years. We also offer the Poly-Fiber process with Poly-Tone or Aerothane along with Randolph Dope and Randthane finishes over Ceconite. We are a Dupont shop and also offer Dupont Nason and Imron finishes.

Detailing, including spot painting, compounding and luster buffing.

STC installations and upgrades.

We do Light Sport & Home-built condition inspections. Rotax service is available on both two and four stroke engines.

A new service.

We have acquired a set of electronic scales and are offering GA aircraft weight and balance data for both new (experimental, LSA and ultralight) and updating of certified, existing experimental, LSA and ultralight. This can be done at our facilities in Nappanee, IN or on a call-out basis. The charge for most aircraft in our facility is $150.00, including all paperwork and logbook entries. For call out service within a 60 mile radius, it is $250.00 at your location. For distances farther than 60 miles from us we have a mileage and or trip fee. Either way, when you need a current weight and balance call us!
Small repairs and the painting of smaller parts is part of our daily grind!
Larger projects are also welcome. For an example here is a cowling off of a 1944 Beech Staggerwing 17S with a P&W 450. The top cowling, along with the bottom cowl with cowl flaps, accessory cowl and boot cover were stripped and repainted for our client
The finished product.
Engine services:

While we are not an overhaul facility, we offer engine repair and accessory services. For overhauls we recommend G&N Engines in Griffith, Indiana. However, we also have sent engines to overhaul shops as requested by our clients.
Here is an example of an engine repair. The engine was found missing a main through bolt nut which had been sheared off. Upon further examination we found several piston which showed signs of detonation. Working with the owner it was decided to replace the cylinders with first run overhaul units and increase the compression ratio to 10.0 to 1.  The engine case was in need of cleaning and paint.

Below is the painted case waiting for the replacement cylinders.
We also do custom installations like these Kuntzlman LED Strobes/Nav lights. This Eagle was not equipped or wired for lights when it was built. We changed that!

Here is a like to a very short you tube demo of the power of the LED strobes.
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