Airframe repair

What Happens when you loose a canopy at night, without a windshield?

This Zenith 601HDS experienced a canopy ejection at night, over open country. A suspected Canadian Goose could not be located for comment.

Out of three instances of this happening the pilot and passenger were very lucky to survive. The other two resulted in fatalities.

There werer 43 repair items on the list. The damage repair includes changing from a side to side canopy, to a forward hinge canopy. We added a belly strobe. Changed the brake system to be more effective. Beefed up the horizontal stab mounts. Changed the wing root trailing edges from .016 to .025 aluminum with stiffeners. Re-plumbed the fuel system with all new hose and fittings. Added a vent system to the wing tanks. Added a digital fuel totalizer. And well a lot of stuff................................... Just under 300 hours for the rebuild and all the changes.

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