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Here is a document that may help you understand what an annual is and what it is not. This is an FAA publication for holders of Inspection Authorization authority. It is a good read just to know what A&P's  / IA's have to do to work for you.

Paperwork required to annual a certified aircraft in the U.S. There are several documents that need to be in the airplane for an annual inspection to take place. First is the aircraft's airworthiness certificate. Second is both the aircraft , engine log and a prop log if the prop has a separate book. At the very least we need the current ones, but we could use all you have to confirm compliance of AD's and aircraft history.

These should be in the plane to, but are not required for the inspection: The current aircraft registration (you should have it if it was flown to us). A current weight and balance. An aircraft flight manual if required by CAR3 or FAR 23 and a minimum equipment list, if so required.
For Experimental and LSA aircraft there are a few other documents called for. Since an Experimental or LSA are never "airworthy" by the FAA's definition, they carry a "Special airworthiness" certificate and it is pink in color. Attached to that should be the aircraft's operating limitations, a document that contains where, when and how the aircraft is to be flown and taken care of. For SLSA a repair/maintenance manual if the manufacturer provided one.
These should be in the plane to, but are not required for the inspection: The current aircraft registration (you should have it if it was flown to us). A current weight and balance. An aircraft flight manual if the manufacturer provided one.
Annuals and Condition Inspections are a necessary part of aviation and we provide the service including owner assisted annuals. We work closely with each aircraft owner and allow as much or as little assistance as required.  Our shop rate as of 6/1/2018 is $80.00 per hour for reciprocating and $125.00 per hour for turbine

Flat Rate Annual Price List
Below is our flat rate annual price list. Most general makes and models are listed. If you do not see your aircraft there, give us a call.

1 hour of AD research
(If more than 1 hour is needed it will be extra)
Clean, gap, test, rotate spark plugs
Pre and Post run up for systems check
Compression check
Servicing battery
Oil and filter change (labor only)
Air filter change (labor only)
Lubrication and servicing of pulleys, hinges and bell cranks
Cleaning, inspection and repacking of wheel bearings
Landing gear extension/retraction test if required
Mag to engine timing
ELT test and inspection per FAR 91.207 (labor only)
Inspection of aircraft in accordance with FAR part 43 appendix D or FAR Part 23
Removal and installation of inspection panels and interior as necessary for inspection

Any discrepancies found during the inspection that require repair will be billed separate as an extra charge, at the current shop rate, plus parts.

Any special inspections for continued airworthiness per an installed STC, FAA form 337, Airworthiness Directive, etc. will be charged per hour at normal shop rate. All parts and labor required for repairs are not included in the flat rate and will also be at normal shop  rates.
Download the PDF Document
FAA G 8082 19 1

It has come to our attention that many aircraft owners are neglecting to follow FAR 14 part 91.411, which requires the testing and certification if flown IFR of the altimeter, static system and encoder and FAR 14 part 91.413  if a transponder is installed in the aircraft, for the Transponder test and certification. These tests are to occur every two years.

While these tests are NOT necessary for an annual inspection to be carried out and completed, they are required by the FAA to fly legally within the USA. We want you to be safe and in compliance. If your ramp checked and a few months out of compliance its one thing, but if you have not visited an avionics shop in 5 years or more, you may have a problem. Also, most insurance companies require you as the owner/pilot to be in compliance with all FAR's including part 91. I don't have to tell you what insurance companies do when they find a way out of a claim.
There are three capable Avionics shops in our area that can perform these tests:

Wilco Aviation Services, Inc.
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Preferred Avionics & Instruments

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