Here is a document that may help you understand what an annual is and what it is not. This is an FAA publication for holders of Inspection Authorization authority. It is a good read just to know what A&P's  / IA's have to do to work for you.

Paperwork required to annual a certified aircraft in the U.S. There are several documents that need to be in the airplane for an annual inspection to take place. First is the aircraft's airworthiness certificate. Second is both the aircraft , engine log and a prop log if the prop has a separate book. At the very least we need the current ones, but we could use all you have to confirm compliance of AD's and aircraft history.

These documents should be in the plane to, but are not required for the annual inspection: The current aircraft registration (you should have it if it was flown to us). A current weight and balance. An aircraft flight manual if required by CAR3 or FAR 23 and a minimum equipment list, if so required.

Annuals and Condition Inspections are a necessary part of aviation and we provide the service. Our shop rate as of 1/1/2024 is $109.00 per hour for single reciprocating, HP singles and twins $129.00 per hour and $159.00 per hour for turbine

While we have a flat rate listings for most aircraft we reserve the right to do time and material service. Most of the GA fleet has reached the 40-70 year old status and with that goes the  increased need for additional maintenance over and a above just getting an aircraft just to pass the annual or 100 hour.

If your coming to us for the first time, we only will do a time and materials annual inspection. We are very fortunate to have several outstanding A&P's and A&P's with Inspection Authorization with great eyes and an anal retentive disposition. Safety is the first thing in our minds. My saying is "you can't just pull over to the side of the road!"
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FAA G 8082 19 1

It has come to our attention that many aircraft owners are neglecting to follow FAR 14 part 91.411, which requires the testing and certification if flown IFR of the altimeter, static system and encoder and FAR 14 part 91.413  if a transponder is installed in the aircraft, for the Transponder test and certification. These tests are to occur every two years.

While these tests are NOT necessary for an annual inspection to be carried out and completed, they are required by the FAA to fly legally within the USA. We want you to be safe and in compliance. If your ramp checked and a few months out of compliance its one thing, but if you have not visited an avionics shop in 5 years or more, you may have a problem. Also, most insurance companies require you as the owner/pilot to be in compliance with all FAR's including part 91. I don't have to tell you what insurance companies do when they find a way out of a claim.
There are two capable Avionics shops in our area we recommend that can perform these tests:

Conrad Aero
Three Rivers Municipal, Dr. Haines Airport
1200 Flight Line Dr #516, Three Rivers, MI 49093

(269) 279-6000

4151 Aviator Way, Suite 2
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Located in the Western Michigan Aviation Academy Flight Training Center

Toll-Free: 1- 800-678-1237

Phone: 616-957-4920
Fax: 616-957-2218


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We make use of our borescope equipment. First to identify engine issues in the cylinders, looking at exhaust valves primarily but also the intake valves seat and cylinder walls.





Below we have access to places a mirror would not go inside airframes.

It should also be noted that most ADSB installations have Instructions for Continued Airworthiness that require testing to make sure the transponder and encoder are putting out data and that the pressure altitude and GPS Altitude are within a 200' range of each other. We can not certify an ADSB install without having a current 91.413

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