We are not an overhaul shop, however we do work on most engines. We use G&N in Griffith, IN and Poplar Grove in Poplar grove IL for engine parts Overhauls and service, D&G Supply in Niles MI for fuel controls. Aero Tech in Louisville, KY for Alternators and Starter repair.
Here is an obvious issue. A magneto broke inside and changed the timing. The  engine was in an aerobatic airplane. Detonation caused the piston crowning. It had also broken the #3 throu-bolt stud as well.
The owner was also told it had 10-1 compression pistons when he purchased the plane. The pistons were 8.7 to 1m Lycoming pistons. So he wanted to go to 10-1 pistons. His cylinders had been welded several times and had the thin heads G&N had a set of first run thick head cylinders and could get us the 10-1 pistons to match. So thats is what we did.

All the Pistons and piston pins were weighed and  there was only a 1 gram difference so it was easy to pair them up

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